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Why servers go down? How to avoid collapse?: Understanding availability

05-Jun-2017 08:00:00 / by Maria Rubio

Technology is a critical piece of the business and all technological tools need to be operating at peak performance for a business to be able to maximize its operation, services and sales.

The problem comes when that technology doesn't work like it should. When it's good, it's great. When something goes wrong though, it can become a nightmare.

Servers are a big deal in today businesses worldwide. They host your network and your computer system. Essentially, they're the foundation of your entire computer framework. Without them, you don't have a network.
There are a number of methods to combat downtime:
1) Backup power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and backup generators.
 - Crutial to cover short power outages guarantee a constant power supply.
2) Backup servers / multiple servers. 
- Additional servers that either run in tandem with the main server or becomes live if the main server fails.
3) Multi-location data centers.
- Best solution to maximize your uptime as there are multiple servers running in multiple locations. If one center goes down, another data center takes over seamlessly.
4) Backups, Data Integrity and Security.
- If your datacenter provider does suffer downtime it is important that your data is backed up so it can be fully restored.
It's also key that your datacenter provider is secure, comply with international standars and provides a robust solution. Even after the event of a server collapse, you must be certain that your datacenter provider is still protecting you data and information.
Security and relialiblity are the core of our business. EthosData's multiple server infrastructure:
 Uses the latest encryption technologies to keep data safe.
✓ Servers have full snapshots several times a day to ensure 0 data is lost.
✓ Our servers are also frequently subjected to strict penetration tests by a third party company to ensure the security is cutting edge.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us in case you want to know more or if you need more information about us and our virtual data room services.
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