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Heartbleed Bug: Our Dataroom is safe

12-Apr-2014 00:32:00 / by Francisco Lorca

EthosData virtual data room platforms are NOT affected by the Heartbleed this bug.


On April 7th researchers made public the existence of Heartbleed. Heartbleed is a vulnerability found in OpenSSL software used on millions of servers to help guard confidential credentials such as passwords and usernames.

Our virtual data room platforms are NOT affected by this bug and our data, user details and passwords remain safe.  The  HeartBleed Bug provides attackers with a potential way to intercept and access the secure communications of many websites, impersonate a website and even steal login-data.

However, we recommend to users that have used the same password in EthosData and in a compromised site to change their EthosData password (video guide).

For more detailed information on the HeartBleed Bug please visit

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