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EthosData launches its new dataroom

06-Jun-2018 11:24:44 / by David Diez

EthosData launches new dataroom


Faster, simpler and more intuitive dataroom

What's new?

  • Quick access
  • Faster navigation
  • Easier to add content
  • Bidder insights easier access

We are very excited to announce our easier and faster Virtual Dataroom.

We have been working hard with our users and clients to give them the best user experience to save them time and help them to close the deal faster and more efficiently.

Last year 2017, we decided to push even further our award-winning platform to make things simpler to our clients when running a transaction.

What's new in our enhanced dataroom?

  • Quick access

Quick access features to add users and manage permissions in one-click.

  • Faster navigation

Easier to navigate and more intuitive platform design. No learning curve and plug-in free.

  • Easier to add content

Quick access to upload single documents or an entire folder structure.

  • Bidder insights easier access

Easier and more complete access to bidders insights to take more efficient decisions.


New things you will see in the dataroom:

- Brand new interface design. More intuitive and easier, in line with today's web application design with a better feature interaction.

- The main navigation panel and menus in a smart collapsable left panel, allowing the user to have a cleaner and bigger workspace.


- Direct access and shortcuts to the most common features. Administrators would be able to add new participants, manage their access, and upload content in one-click through the main menu. 


We have redesigned our dataroom platform with our clients and users in mind. It is crucial for us to get their feedback to be able to build the dataroom they need. Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or want to learn more.


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