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Why Do Lawyers Have A Love Hate Relationship With Virtual Data Rooms?

Posted by Harsh Batra on Jul 25, 2014 11:00:00 AM

I work in the virtual data room industry. Out of the 250+ transactions I have been involved in, I have never come across a due diligence process which is absent from lawyers. Lawyers, specifically corporate lawyers, do more work on the virtual data room at every stage, from the start of the process till the end, than probably all of the other parties combined. Even though most corporate lawyers could not live without virtual data rooms, many are detractors of the technology. Here are 6 reasons why:

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M&A Is At The Core Of The Virtual Data Room Industry

Posted by Harsh Batra on Jul 22, 2014 11:00:00 AM

M&A is at the core of the Virtual Data Room industry. If mergers and acquisitions did not exist then I can confidently state that the Virtual Data Room industry would not be a multi-million dollar industry. I speak out of experience. I joined the industry in 2008 and have since then been involved in 249 virtual data rooms, 95% of which have been successfully concluded M&A transactions.

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Congratulations Intralinks and Merrill Datasite! Fellow winners Best Dataroom Award!

Posted by Maria Rubio on Jul 9, 2014 4:00:00 PM

It is an honor to share an award for excellence in Virtual Data Room services with leading companies. Congratulations to  our fellow competitors Intralinks and Merrill Datasite for the recent awards they received from the reputed magazine Acquisition Internation.  

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Virtual Data Room of the Year!: When it can’t get any better, it does

Posted by Maria Rubio on Jul 7, 2014 11:19:01 AM

We are very very happy to share with you Acquisition International has named us Data Room Provider of the Year in Asia Pacific region, Virtual Data Room Provider of the Year in Spain and Winner of the Sustained Excellence Award in Data Room Services in the United Kingdom.

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New Dataroom Demonstration Videos

Posted by Kamal Raj on Jun 25, 2014 11:42:00 AM

Our new dataroom platform finally has two demonstration videos to show potential users (and competitors :-) how our virtual dataroom platform and services work.

Here is the dataroom user demonstration 


Here is the virtual data room administrator demo

So, take a look at the new videos and send us your comments!




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More on password security: Dataroom perspective

Posted by Francisco Lorca on Jun 9, 2014 1:28:00 PM

Choosing, storing and managing your password is one of the most important things you can do on your side to keep dataroom security high.

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Virtual Data Rooms in India. Our 8 Year Experience In The Market

Posted by Francisco Lorca on Apr 28, 2014 8:00:00 AM

We started providing Virtual Data Room services in India from our New Delhi office in 2007. Back then, most of our efforts were aimed at educating potential users on how the benefits of Virtual Data Rooms far outweigh the traditional paper based physical data rooms, which were the norm (Download this Dataroom Whitepaper to learn more).

Investment bankers said that they perceived adoption to be low because of the ingrained habits of their clients who were set in their ways of using paper based systems and were not technologically savvy. Fortunately adoption slowly but surely took off amongst the M&A community. Every year since then we have seen a steady growth in the number of corporate transaction being run on Virtual Data Rooms.

Despite the positive trend, the growth trajectory was erratic due to our dependence on market conditions. India was actively doing transactions that involved cross border investors. When the global markets crashed in 2011, many transactions came to a standstill because investors pulled out. As a result a number of ongoing Virtual Data Rooms that were running multi-million dollar transactions were archived. The frenetic pace of activity that required the sharing of confidential information to sell stake, raise money or merge due to strategic reasons came down a trickle. During these times conglomerates that had their own corporate finance departments were the most active ones running multiple Virtual Data Rooms in different industries like telecom, industrials and consumer durables.

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Virtual Dataroom in Spain. Our 8 year experience

Posted by Francisco Lorca on Apr 14, 2014 9:00:00 AM

We started providing virtual data room services in Spain from our Madrid office in 2008. Back then, most of our efforts were aimed at “educating” 

the market and potential users of the benefits of datarooms versus traditional paper datarooms (like with this very succesful dataroom whitepaper). Our effort paid off and the adoption of virtual datarooms in Spain to run M&A and other corporate transactions grew significantly in our first years there.

However, this growth came to a halt when the economic crisis in Spain deepened and the market almost froze.  Investors and trade buyers became “allergic” to the word “Spain” and very few transactions took place. There was then a period of 2-3 years where M&A activity was very low. During that time the Spanish virtual dataroom projects that we worked on were launched for restructuring, bankruptcy process or real estate portfolio sales.  On the flip side, some of those datarooms were among the largest projects we have undertaken in the last seven years with page counts in the hundreds of thousands and even millions. 

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Heartbleed Bug: Our Dataroom is safe

Posted by David Diez on Apr 12, 2014 12:32:00 AM

EthosData virtual data room platforms are NOT affected by the Heartbleed this bug.

On April 7th researchers made public the existence of Heartbleed. Heartbleed is a vulnerability found in OpenSSL software used on millions of servers to help guard confidential credentials such as passwords and usernames.

The  HeartBleed Bug provides attackers with a potential way to intercept and access the secure communications of many websites, impersonate a website and even steal login-data.

Our virtual data room platforms are NOT affected by this bug and our data, user details and passwords remain safe.  

However, we recommend to users that have used the same password in EthosData and in a compromised site to change their EthosData password (video guide).

For more detailed information on the HeartBleed Bug please visit

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Dataroom tips: Hiding information in your non data room PDFs

Posted by Kamal Raj on Apr 10, 2014 5:55:00 PM

As a Virtual Dataroom provider with more than ten years of experience, we have managed millions of documents.  Besides the day to day data room questions that we get from our clients and partners, we are also frequently asked questions about security, documents and technology in general.
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