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Virtual Data Rooms: What You Need to Know?

15-Jan-2020 07:30:00 / by Anubhav Singh posted in Dataroom Security, M&A, Corporate Finance, Data Room, due diligence, virtual data room, dataroom, Virtua Data Room,, virtual data room comparison


A virtual data room or VDR is a web-based solution particularly created for the storing and sharing of confidential data. VDRs provide specific sets of options like advanced permissions, tracking features, Q&A tool, as well as multiple-factor authentication and watermarking.

Though virtual data rooms are historically utilized for financial transactions, IPOs, and fundraising, their use cases are increasing. Any business involved with the secure and specialized management of its data can opt for VDRs.

Today, data room providers are progressively building machine learning technology into their software system, thereby enlarging their supply to incorporate tools to use their data room platform for file-synchronization, internal repositories, or secure communication with investors.

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The Crucial Role of Investment Bankers In a Virtual Data Room Process

13-Mar-2017 09:00:00 / by Anubhav Singh posted in Data Room, Virtua Data Room,


Investment bankers play a key role in most Virtual Data Rooms. Their role in matching companies and assets with bidders and driving the M&A transaction is critical to make deals happen.

Investment bankers normally create significant value to their clients, especially when they focus on one specific industry for many years and are able to read and sometimes even set M&A trends.

Based on fourteen years of experience running Virtual Data Room processes, we have noticed that investment bankers play a crucial role to make the deal happen by: 


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Managing a Virtual Data Room: The Importance Of Clear Communication

22-Aug-2014 11:21:00 / by Maria Rubio posted in Virtua Data Room,, Management


A Virtual Data Room has many moving parts.  With the help of the internet, users are accessing confidential information around the clock from various time zones, in multiple languages from different operating systems (windows and mac). Each computer usually runs different softwares with different versions, some of which may be up to date while others might not be. Add to that the varying internet connection speeds, the multiple types of firewalls and spam filters. How does one ensure that everything works effortlessly? The answer lies in clear communication that is run through a rock-solid process. Here are 6 steps that every Virtual Data Room provider should follow to ensure that each :

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