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From M&A to IPO: The Expanding Use of Virtual Data Rooms

23-Feb-2023 10:36:00 / by Ankita Rathore posted in Dataroom Security, M&A, ethosdata, Dataroom tips, Data Room, due diligence, virtual data room, VDR, security, dataroom general, dataroom, IPO, hedge funds, Private Equity, dataroom virtual, India Dataroom, Dataroom Demo,, Virtua Data Room,, Management, Data Room Virtual global, Data Room US, data room setup, Restructuring


Virtual data rooms (VDRs) have become the norm in the due diligence stage in most M&A transactions, replacing the traditional paper-based data rooms. In the last two years, the use of VDRs has expanded dramatically, both in the M&A process and beyond. This shift in the role of VDRs is driven by the positive experiences that advisers and clients have had with the convenience, simplicity, and functionality of VDRs, as well as the satisfaction and trust in the level of service provided by VDR specialists.

In this blog post, we will explore the expanding use of VDRs in different areas of the corporate world, including Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, IPO Transactions, Restructuring (Bankruptcy), Health, and Corporate Repository.

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Restructuring in 2020 and how a data room can help your business

15-May-2021 18:32:00 / by Maria Rubio posted in Data Room, virtual data room, VDR, data room setup, Restructuring


4 must-haves if you’re running a restructuring process in 2020

As a result of COVID-19, companies face their biggest challenge in a generation.

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