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How can law firms benefit from using Virtual Data Rooms

12-Jul-2013 08:09:00 / by Kamal Raj posted in M&A, Law, Lawyer, legal, virtual data room


Virtual data rooms can be very helpful for lawyers participating in M&A transactions.  The role of corporate law firms’ M&A departments in corporate transactions (M&A, IPOs, refinancing) has changed dramatically in the last years with lawyers now getting involved in every aspect of the transaction. From overseeing the due diligence process through to guiding their clients in the achievement of their business objectives, the work requires secure, 24/7 access to confidential documentation for all parties in the transaction.

Virtual data rooms streamline this process considerably, making it possible to allow access and file sharing across verticals within both the client’s organization and the law firm. The facilities also enable private communication between parties that isn’t subject to unsecured networks and email.

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Virtual Dataroom 101. Law.Com's Perspective

10-Nov-2010 02:19:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in Articles, M&A, Lawyer, dataroom


What is a Dataroom? How should you choose a dataroom provider?

Very educative perspective from describing what a dataroom is and covering the main service and platform functionalities that a Virtual Data Room provider should give its M&A client (article).

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