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Working from home: how to be more efficient

23-Apr-2020 13:35:40 / by Francisco Lorca posted in M&A, Dataroom tips, due diligence, virtual data room, VDR, dataroom, virtual data room comparison, data room setup


Aftermath of COVID-19: 15 tips from people who work remotely successfully.

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Faster features, better data room: we enhanced our Drag&Drop UI feature

22-Apr-2020 12:32:43 / by David Diez posted in M&A, Dataroom tips, due diligence, virtual data room, VDR, virtual data room comparison, data room setup


You need it, we do it.

We have launched an enhanced version of our Drag and Drop feature to upload documents into your data room faster.

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The Most Popular M&A Code Deal Names Hosted By EthosData Virtual Data Room

01-Jul-2019 16:00:00 / by Maria Rubio posted in M&A News, M&A, ethosdata, Corporate Finance, Dataroom tips, due diligence, virtual data room, VDR, dataroom


Before we hear about the latest M&A, joint venture, IPO or fundraising deal in the news, every transaction is clouded in secrecy. So much so that a special code name is used when referring to each deal.

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Interview with Penta: how a startup organises fundraising

06-Mar-2018 17:26:20 / by Maria Rubio posted in Dataroom tips, Data Room, due diligence


Penta discusses with EthosData how a startup organizes a seed round. Penta is a German digital-only bank for startups and small and medium entreprises, raised early this year a €2.2M seed round.

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8 Ways A Professional Virtual Data Room Coordinator Saves You Time

30-Jan-2013 09:14:00 / by Kamal Raj posted in Dataroom tips, Data Room, virtual data room, VDR


Using a virtual data room for your transaction should free up time to allow you in the optimal execution of the deal. There are many options to manage and share documents in more or less secure ways. For any serious transaction you should always use a reputable data room provider. If you really want to “forget” about managing documents and be able to focus on other aspects of the deal, you should make sure that you choose a data room provider that as part of its services includes access to a dedicated team of experienced data room professional, not just a technical support team.

The deal coordinators, as we like to call them in EthosData, will draw from the firm’s deep experience and make the process easy taking the task of managing documents away from clients and eliminating the need for bankers or lawyers to administer the process.

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Can A Virtual Data Room Help Optimize The Value Of A Transaction?

03-Jan-2013 11:57:00 / by Harsh Batra posted in Dataroom tips, Data Room, dataroom


In a number of previous posts, we have discussed how Virtual Data Rooms have become prevalent in most transactions and the multiple benefits of using datarooms instead of physical ones.  For experienced dataroom users the benefits go beyond security, organization, speed to set up a transaction. Many of our clients tell us that they use datarooms to actually improve the result of the transaction, managing timing of a deal, understanding bidder interest and eventually improving the deal value.  These are three of the ways this can be achieved:

1) Increased Exposure

A virtual data room gives you increased exposure to bidders in a number of ways, which means increased likelihood of closing the deal:

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Five Focus Areas To Set Up A Virtual Dataroom

11-Oct-2012 13:31:00 / by Kamal Raj posted in M&A, Dataroom tips, virtual data room


There are many benefits to setting up a virtual data room, yet the setup process itself can feel intimidating. By following a few simple tips, you can ensure that your dataroom setup will move smoothly and efficiently, providing the end result of a safe and secure virtual environment for your confidential information.

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Data Rooms Reduce M&A Litigation

14-Dec-2010 08:53:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in M&A News, M&A, Law, legal, Dataroom tips, Data Room


Increased M&A Litigation

The effect of the big economic downturn that we have experienced in the last few years is now being reflected in an increased number of lawsuits and litigation processes related to many M&A transactions.  For example, according to a Reuters article, the number of M&A related court cases in the UK has multiplied X 6 in the last year.   This only includes the number of cases that are actually taken to court, many are settled before that.

Sellers are suing buyers, buyers are suing sellers, investors are suing shareholders and management..

We believe that the main driver by this increase is that when things are tough, mistakes and disagreements grow stronger.  As Warren Buffet puts it, when the tide goes down, you discover who has been swimming naked.  However, from our experience, we also believe that a good dataroom can help sellers, buyers and investors to significant reduce the risk and cost of M&A litigation.

Dataroom Impact on Litigation

Different aspects of a dataroom can reduce the risk and impact of M&A litigation:

    1. Document organization. Anyone that has been involved in a M&A dispute will testify of the importance of a clear document structure with a solid numbering system.  We strongly believe that the best way to organize a data room is by keeping the folder and subfolder structure that we are all so used to.
    2. Accountability. A good virtual data room can certify that the documents shared with investors have not be changed and that they have been available during a period of time.  Moreover, some of the best datarooms offer auditing and reporting capabilities that provide detailed information and audit trail about all the documents and users in a virtual data room.
    3. Data Room as eBible. Historically, when a transaction closes, the participants receive a data room CD/DVD with all the documentation related to the deal including audits and reports.  Although DVDs are useful,  an online Deal Bible solution is much more effective as it provides assurances that the data has not been changed and cannot be lost.
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Choosing the Right Password (Not only for your dataroom)

11-Oct-2010 05:18:44 / by Francisco Lorca posted in passwords, Dataroom tips, Data Room, virtual data room, security, dataroom



How many passwords do you have? When was the last time you changed it? Do you use your daughter´s birth date or your name written backwards?
We all have an increasing number of passwords for all the websites we access on a frequent basis. Having a safe and easy system to set and maintain passwords is key to keep information secure. Keeping a secure but easy to remember password is key to keep a dataroom secure. Dataroom providers set password policies such as password shelf life, password length, as well as mix of characters to include, and words to avoid.

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One of the main reasons why M&A Fails: Poor Due Diligence

04-Aug-2010 05:04:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in M&A News, M&A, Dataroom tips, Data Room, due diligence, dataroom, Private Equity, Uncategorized

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Interesting article by Paul Siegenthaler author of the highly recommended book "Perfect M&As" about the 10 main reasons for M&A failure.

Paul highlights poor due diligence as one of the key factors that make M&A transactions fail. I cannot agree more. In the last 20 years I have participated in a number of transactions in which value was destroyed due to poor due diligence.

The main reasons that I see for poor due diligence are:

- Asking the wrong questions.  Focusing on details before deciding what actually drives value for the acquisition.

- Disconnect between the deal team and the due diligence team.  In many transactions, there is a significant gap between the deal team and the team executing the due diligence whereas the deal team just sees the due diligence findings as hurdles.

- No real business due diligence.  Many DD processes turn into a legal/financial/risk audit too early into the process, ignoring the "real" business due diligence.

- Organization of information.  Many data rooms do not take advantage of the great deal tools that most virtual data room provide such as organization of folders, Question and Answer, reporting.

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