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From M&A to IPO: The Expanding Use of Virtual Data Rooms

23-Feb-2023 10:36:00 / by Ankita Rathore posted in Dataroom Security, M&A, ethosdata, Dataroom tips, Data Room, due diligence, virtual data room, VDR, security, dataroom general, dataroom, IPO, hedge funds, Private Equity, dataroom virtual, India Dataroom, Dataroom Demo,, Virtua Data Room,, Management, Data Room Virtual global, Data Room US, data room setup, Restructuring


Virtual data rooms (VDRs) have become the norm in the due diligence stage in most M&A transactions, replacing the traditional paper-based data rooms. In the last two years, the use of VDRs has expanded dramatically, both in the M&A process and beyond. This shift in the role of VDRs is driven by the positive experiences that advisers and clients have had with the convenience, simplicity, and functionality of VDRs, as well as the satisfaction and trust in the level of service provided by VDR specialists.

In this blog post, we will explore the expanding use of VDRs in different areas of the corporate world, including Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds, Hedge Funds, IPO Transactions, Restructuring (Bankruptcy), Health, and Corporate Repository.

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Virtual Data Rooms In China (It's IPO!)

11-Jul-2011 10:10:00 / by Di Wu posted in dataroom general, IPO


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Do Virtual Data Rooms Add Value To The Mergers & Acquisitions Process?

30-Oct-2010 09:31:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in Articles, virtual data room, dataroom general, dataroom

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Do Virtual Data Rooms add value in transactions?

This used to be a discussion point two or three years ago although it is mostly now commonly agreed that a dataroom is not a good thing to have but a must for a transaction.

Very good research article by Dr. Christopher Kummer and Vlado Sliskovic of the Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances about the impact of datarooms in M&A.

Although it is a little dated, it is a must read for anyone involved in due diligence.
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I Don't Like Using Datarooms

26-Oct-2010 08:10:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in dataroom general


Datarooms have become prevalent in most M&A transactions in the last few years.  However, once in a while, we still hear arguments against using a dataroom.  The  main ones are:

"I don't like using a dataroom, I hate to read documents on the screen"

Reviewing deal documentation on a computer screen can be inefficient. Many users stated that their speed efficiency declines when they read on the computer screen as compared to when they read on paper. Staring at a computer screen can be tiring to the eye.

Some virtual dataroom providers limit their security only allowing users to see the information in a viewer.  We believe that it is much more efficient to leverage technology solutions that allow users to download and print documents while keeping all documents secured using dynamic watermarking and remote document control.

"I don't want to lose control of our documentation"

There still seems to be the perception that if you share your confidential documents online, you are losing control of what you share. That would be true if you email your documents to anyone. However, most Virtual Data Room providers protect your documents even when you share them online allowing you in some cases to remotely revoke access to documents.

"I don't like using a dataroom, it is too slow"

Internet access and speeds vary widely by region.  In some cases, viewing a dataroom document on a slow internet connection can be painful.  This issues is decreasing daily as access improves globally.  However, good dataroom providers will overcome even those issues with simple and fast platforms.
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Clean Tech and datarooms

13-Oct-2010 08:26:00 / by Francisco Lorca posted in dataroom general

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Dataroom Blog Launch

19-Apr-2010 01:49:11 / by Francisco Lorca posted in dataroom general


Welcome to the Dataroom Blog

We aim to create a source of information and discussion about datarooms and the impact they are having in the M&A; World. We are looking forward to sharing our experiences and hearing from the M&A; community.

Thank you!
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