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Vintage and EthosData strengthen Virtual Data Room partnership

21-Apr-2015 18:25:47 / by Francisco Lorca

Virtual Data Room EthosData and The Vintage Group have been working together providing virtual data room services for US companies since 2009.  The partnership was a natural evolution for both companies as EthosData was looking for a local partner with a strong reputation and local presence and The Vintage Group was looking for a market leading virtual data room to complement its offering to companies and advisors.  

The joint venture has proven a success and both companies recently announced the strengthening of the partnership.EthosData launched its Virtual Data Room service in 2007, the technology that created the base for the company created in 2002 with the participation of global law firms that needed to share confidential information securely. Headquartered in London with presence in Spain, China, India, Australia, UAE and Japan, EthosData is serving transactions in many more countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Americas.

Despite the company’s global presence, the importance of local presence could not be understated, especially in USA which runs a large number of global M&A transactions. The Vintage Group is among the top-three providers of full-service regulatory compliance and shareholder communications services. They complement our services as they are very close to clients who typically use us, especially those who are involved in M&As and IPOs.

EthosData has had experience growing its local presence in various markets through partnerships. The “be global, act local” motto of the company is how it has operated since inception. With a growing base of strong partnerships, a strong leadership presence and the absolute commitment to deliver superior service, you can expect The Vintage Group and EthosData to become one of the leading providers of Virtual Data Room services in the US.

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