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EthosData Helps PwC Quickly Close Their Latest Deal

11-Jul-2019 08:30:00 / by Harsh Batra

Case study with PwC Singapore

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Being an advisor at the start of a merger and acquisition deal is never a simple job. Amongst other things, you’re responsible for setting the deal up promptly and ensuring everything is in place for it to be a success.

In the past few years this has meant having to decide which data room service to recommend to a client, a situation the Singapore office of PwC found themselves in on their latest deal.

They were advising a fast-growing education provider in Vietnam on their majority stake sale to an international education platform. The very definition of a global M&A deal, hence the need for a secure data room.

The Challenge

As their client was not familiar with using data rooms PwC knew they needed to recommend a service that was fast, reliable and cost-effective. On top of this PwC would also be the ones managing the dealroom - its users and its documents.

As a result the team wanted a service that provided both an easy to use platform (accessible from anywhere at any time) and a global support team. 

The Solution

PwC turned to our M&A virtual data room service as it gave them the ability to:

  • Have all parties easily access the VDR and its files. This was especially important given that the buyer, seller and advisors weren’t in the same location.
  • Instantly share large files, and quickly upload or download documents in bulk and in order.
  • Facilitate a Q&A that eliminated inefficient calls and emails by keeping all communication recorded, encrypted and in one place.
  • Track all activity for an audit and disclosure letter at the end of the transaction.

Thanks to our award-winning service of user-friendly data rooms and experienced teams of professionals, PwC was able to do all of the above - and more - in a way that was simple, secure and quick.

The Outcome

We were able to both save our client time and extra costs PwC’s deal successfully closed on time because our service made it easy for all parties to review information and communicate with each other.

"EthosData's data room has a good user interface so we had no problems or learning curves when using the platform. Their expert service allowed us to coordinate multiple parties quickly and get the deal completed on time, all as part of a very competitive offering."

Senior Associate

Corporate Finance - PwC



At EthosData we aim to make financial transactions simple and dealmakers unstoppable. We were able to do both for PwC.

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