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How Does EthosData Compare with Intralinks?

03-May-2019 15:20:05 / by Maria Rubio


EthosData dataroom vs Intralinks


If your company is about to start work on an M&A, IPO or fundraising deal, chances are you are looking at which virtual data room provider to use for your transaction.

To make your life easier, here is a brief overview of how EthosData Data Room compares to Intralinks Virtual Data Room.


First, what can they both do?

EthosData’s service combines easy-to-use data rooms with experienced teams of professionals, all to simplify financial transactions. EthosData was founded in 2008 and has always used the most modern easier to use technology.

Intralinks was founded in 1996 and are arguably the best known data room provider in the market with all the strengths and weaknesses of a legacy provider. It has also experienced turbulent times in the last three years changing ownership thrice in the last three years.

Intralinks - dataroom comparison article


Which is faster and more flexible?

At the start of any deal, you’ll be under huge time pressure.

That’s why a good data room provider should get you set up in minutes, and use infrastructure that allows you to navigate their platform easily and load documents quickly. They should also be flexible when it comes to their service, pricing and your usage.

Intralinks - dataroom comparison 2

Flexibility is one of the main benefits of the EthosData service. EthosData´s service has been built with both SMEs and large corporates in mind, that’s why it’s quick to understand, easy to use, and simple to navigate.

In comparison, some have suggested that while Intralinks is well-suited for document sharing, it’s overpriced and sometimes not easy to justify the costs when other providers offer the same level of service and data room platform. Intralinks doesn’t give the value for money.

Intralinks focuses on large companies yet its platform only supports 8 languages which are less in comparison with EthosData’s 11 languages and local service.


What about cost?

It’s important you choose a provider that has a transparent pricing structure. Not one that comes with hidden costs for extra users or levels of service, and gives you a surprise bill in a few months that takes you over budget. Find a data room service that comes with one simple and clear fee.

Intralinks is a platform that’s targeted towards larger companies and this is reflected in their pricing and the extras they charge. The backup DVDs are also not included in the package.

In contrast, EthosData’s pricing is transparent, more flexible and offers better value for money.

Intralinks - dataroom comparison 3

On top of this, at EthosData you receive additional support and experience from a dedicated DataRoom Specialist. This Specialist handles all user, permission and document management for you and is provided at no extra cost.


A final word:

On paper, the majority of data rooms look the same. In practice, it’s not so simple.

Before you commit to one provider you must do two things. The first is to get a demo of the platform, and the second is check what’s not included in the price you’re quoted. There may be hidden extras (for example the creation of a deal bible, weekend support or customised branding) that are not included but will sting you further down the line.


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