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Clean Tech and datarooms

13-Oct-2010 08:26:00 / by Francisco Lorca


The clean energy sector keeps evolving.  The last couple of days have been filled with important news for the sector. Interest seems to be coming from all areas, some examples:

-  Google´s investment to develop what will be the backbone to distribute wind generated electricity in the US mid-Atlantic region

- All the positive messages coming from advisors, and funds.

- Recent flury of acquisitions and investment in the industry.

Datarooms like the clean teach clients.

During the last two years, the clean tech business has been a very important client for the sector, for fund raising, M&A and IPO´s.  These datarooms are usually very document intensive and are open for a longer period of time than other sectors.

A Virtual Dataroom helps the environment.

Virtual Datarooms save energy avoiding many of the useless flights by advisors to remote locations.  VDRs generate less paper and photocopies.

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