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Announcing our China Virtual Data Room Name 德信!

Mar 3, 2014 4:35:00 PM / by Di Wu

We have been providing virtual data room services in China since 2008.  We made a big investment very early and through our partnership with HeterMedia our local service based in Beijing and our great platform, we believe that we have made our dataroom the leading player in the Chinese market. 
The key to our sucess providing dataroom services in China has been that we have always looked at the market locally.  We are now taking another important step in the market introducing our new Chinese name. This is no small step and certainly reflects our commitment to the Chinese market.

Process to select a Chinese Dataroom name

This was a fun process. We included our partners, clients, advisors, friends and even family!.  We started very analytically, then turned emotional, then analytical again.  After a small number of interactions, we picked the first one that we had shortlisted.   Our new Chinese name is 德信. 

德,pronounced “de”, means ethics, virtue, morality.  信,pronounce “xin”, means trust, faith.

We think 德信 brings together what our dataroom business stands for, security, reliability, service.  

You will see this name very often in the near future:  德信 


Please contact us if you ever need Dataroom Services in China!

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