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Is Your VDR Provider Scanning Safe?

Mar 12, 2013 12:05:00 PM / by Abhilasha Bhardwaj

Is Your VDR Provider Scanning Safe

Confidentiality is hugely important when it comes to choosing virtual data room providers for corporate deals. A single leak can scupper your merger or acquisition in a matter of hours, and you should completely trust the staff members handling the files either. While most data rooms are now populated with electronic copies of documents, in many projects it is still necessary to scan documentation when you’re preparing the data room. In these instances, you need to ensure that the scanning process follows the same security protocols as the data room does.

Here are 6 points to consider before choosing a scanning partner:


You want to protect your documents from getting into the wrong hands. When you use one of the virtual data room providers, you need to make sure they have a Non Disclosure Agreement signed with a third party scanning company to maintain confidentiality of the documents and parties involved. Generally virtual data room providers include the scanning process in the contract. You should ask questions about where and how this process takes place before you hand over your confidential data.

2.Scanning Knowledge

It is not very helpful to have documents scanned to the data room if they cannot be read. You need to ensure that the virtual data room providers use scanners that know the correct resolution for images and documents so that they are readable and clear. Documents need to be scanned in at the right resolution, which is 300 dpi for images and 150 dpi for text. This ensures that the data is readable without the file sizes becoming bulky and difficult to download. It’s essential to verify the processes used by the various virtual data room providers before appointing a partner. Downloading the documents can also be a problem if they are too bulky or contain too many pages. Experienced scanners will know the optimal size to use to prevent issues and delays.


In cases where your data contains information such as client bank account numbers, confidentiality takes on additional importance. Check whether your data room provider is equipped to deal with this by moving the scanning equipment to secure premises, to make the scanning of the data safe and convenient for you.

4.Expertise and Skill

It’s not enough to simply scan in the documentation. You will also want to ensure that the scanner knows how to organize the file to eliminate unnecessary reorganizing on your part. Virtual data room providers need to have the expertise and skill to categorize and store the files in the right folders at the time of scanning. This eliminates spending time quality-checking the work once it’s done.

5.Planning and Logistics

A good data room provider works with you to understand your needs before embarking on the scanning process. Scanners should ask a few questions of the client before they begin work. They should find out if the work should be uploaded as the scanning is done or if it should be completed all at once. The client can provide a list of categories and headings to help organize the material so that it is scanned in the correct order. This may be determined by the quantity of data available and the client’s time frame for uploading the data.

6.Document Preparation

As part of the document gathering and pre-preparation process, the scanning partner should prepare a sample index structure with unique naming conventions that are specific to your industry and the type of transaction. This will enable the documents to be categorized and indexed in an efficient, logical structure ahead of scanning.

When you begin to set up your own room, you find that it is most effect to work as a team with the virtual data room providers. You will need scanners to download the hard copy documents for access by other participants in the room. Setting up a data room required precision, but working with a professional is the first step to a successful transaction. Look for the provider that provides the resources you need and you will discover the rest of the work falls into place much easier. Setting up a secure data room requires the right knowledge and expertise. By outsourcing this task to a professional virtual data room provider, you can achieve significant savings in time and money while realizing the confidentiality you need.

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